Support Teacher and Student Growth with Video Feedback and Analysis in International School

Use Vosaic’s flexible video platform to record, observe, identify, and aggregate indicators that reveal insights and patterns needed for improvement and research. Vosaic supports professional development of teacher and active learning of student.

Record videos using any camera or mobile device; Securely share videos with individuals or groups; Use custom rubrics to mark-up & code videos for feedback, coaching, observation, or analysis.

Vosaic is the best solution for visual education in International schools.

Support Teacher Development
Support Active Learning and Project-based Learning
STEAM & ICT Education

Vosaic enhances your learning program for teachers and students with Video Analysis

  • Support and onboard new teachers with video-based feedback
  • Encourage teachers to re-watch videos for self-observations
  • Link feedback to specific moments in classroom videos
  • Review and give feedback on personalized learning goals for students
  • Video analysis of sports and artistic activities for STEAM education
  • Improving presentation skills through video-feedback

Support Teacher Development

Vosaic’s performance analysis and video feedback provides teachers effective goal-setting and reflection on their practice. 

Vosaic supports teachers with evidence-based growth opportunities.

Provide Active Learning and Project-based Learning

Improving presentation skills are essential for active learning and project-based learning. 

Student can find where to improve by themselves with immediate review.

STEAM & ICT Education

The ability to freely use video and ICT equipments to express one’s ideas is essential in today’s world. 

Video analysis of sports and artistic activities is closely related to STEAM education.

Improve with Video Feedback & Analysis

Use Video and ICT Equipment You Already Have

With Vosaic there’s no need to buy new equipment or download and install new software.

Simply register using a modern browser, such as Chrome, and start recording and uploading videos. If you have a mobile device, download our app to make video recording and markup more efficient and effective.

Flexible Video Feedback Forms (Rubrics)

What makes Vosaic attractive to educators, researchers, and coaches at organizations worldwide is its flexibility.

You can easily customize video observation forms to fit your specific video feedback, self reflection, or research needs.

Collaborative By Default

If you’ve ever tried improving upon or teaching a new skill, you know how valuable it is to get (or provide) objective feedback.

Vosaic makes it easy to give feedback to your students and invite others to watch and provide comments on areas that need improvement.

Vosaic is sold and supported by Tachibana Tosho Kyozai in Japan.